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Property price reports

September 2020
Mini boom or normal increase?

August 2020
Property recession pushed back to 2021?

July 2020
What's happening in the property market current and where is the market heading?

June 2020
What will happen to property prices and transactions next?

May 2020
May 2020 property price report - COVID-19

March 2020

Do we have a Boris or Brexit bounce?

January 2020
Prices up by nearly 5% for some, down by nearly -5% for others - find out why

December 2019
Where have all the sellers gone?

November 2019
A pre-Xmas price bounce for property?

October 2019
A return to a more sustainable pace of price growth?

September 2019
Why buyers' and sellers' decisions need to be based on local expert advice

August 2019
Property prices are falling in real terms for many - what's happening in your area?

July 2019
Market is stable but not necessarily strong!

June 2019
Will 2019 continue to stagnate or see a rebound?

May 2019
Property market no longer a game of two halves

April 2019
Is it a miracle the property market is performing so well?

March 2019
Kate Faulkner's latest property price picture

February 2019
Surprisingly resilient property market?

January 2019
Can anything be done to prevent property prices stagnating even further?


Regional property reports

Scotland - December 2019
Scotland property price, rental and buy to let report

London - December 2019
What's the latest news on the London property market?

London - September 2019
Latest London market report - falling or Brexit bounce?

Wales - January 2019
Kate on BBC Radio Wales - how is the Welsh property performing?


Rental & buy to let reports

Q2 2020
Current and future rental market performance

October 2019

Summary of latest rental report from Zoopla - Q3 2019

June 2019
Kate Faulkner's latest round up of the private rented sector



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