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Why join a landlord association checklist

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National Residential Landlords Association

Why we work with the NRLA

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The rental sector in the UK is fast paced, and keeping up with legislative changes can be daunting. Being part of a Landlord Association, you can get professional advice when you need it, as well as support from a network of peers.

Being a member of a landlord association can also help attract tenants as it indicates professionalism, providing peace of mind that a tenancy will be properly managed, and the property well maintained. Consider what is offered by a landlord association, such as:

  • Regular legal and industry updates to stay on top of the fast-paced Private Rented Sector

  • Access to member advice via the phone and website

  • Cost effective, relevant products for essential landlord services such as deposit protection, tenant referencing, insurance and mortgages

  • Solutions that allow you to effectively manage your portfolio 

Do members have quick and easy access to a wide range of documents and guides? Here is an example of some of the documentation the NRLA offer.

What services are offered exclusively to members?

  • Landlord Advice

  • Deposit protection 

  • Credit checking and tenant referencing

  • Insurance

  • Networking and events

  • Mortgages


Do they offer a range of cost-effective training courses and formats? These are some of the course options available from NRLA:

  • Landlord Fundamentals

  • HMO licensing

  • Universal credit

  • Taxation


Ask questions such as:

  • Will I get value for money?

  • What influence does the organisation have on national and local landlord legislation?

  • Will my interests be represented?

  • Will I be able to connect with other landlords? 

  Compare costs not just looking at annual membership but making sure you know what other help you will receive for free or at a discounted price too. For example, can more than one person access the benefits of membership?
  Click here to see some of the services the NRLA provide.

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