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Why we work with RLA

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Being a member of a landlord association can help attract tenants due to adhering to codes of conduct giving the tenant peace of mind they and the property will be well cared for. Check what a landlord association offers, typically you should look for:

  • Legal and other essential news updates to keep on top of regulations

  • Members advice line via phone or online to answer specific queries

  • Cost effective products offering great value on essential landlord services such as insurance, mortgages and deposit protection

  • Solutions that allow you to manage your portfolio 

Do they have a good range of free documents and guides for you to easily access? Here's an example of what the RLA offer for documents and guides.

What services do they offer and are they exclusive?

  • Deposit protection 

  • Specialist landlord insurance

  • Tenant credit checking and referencing

  • Help with taxation

  • EPCs

  • Inventory solutions


Do they offer cost effective or free training on issues which affect landlords?

  • Principles of letting

  • Universal credit

  • HMO licensing

  • Taxation


Ask questions such as:-

  • Are there any hidden charges?

  • Will I just get constantly sold to?

  • What help have they given you?

  • What influence does the organisation have on local and national landlord legislation? 

  Compare costs not just looking at annual membership but making sure you know what other help you will receive for free or at a discounted price too. For example How many free associate members are available?
  Click here to see the services RLA provide.

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