How well is your property portfolio performing?


How well is your property portfolio performing?

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Make sure you keep all your relevant property data organised in one place
Track which properties are in private ownership and which are in limited company ownership
Track which properties are in your name, which are in your partner's name and which are jointly owned
  Make sure you don’t miss any lender product expiry date in order to avoid going on to the standard variable rate (SVR)
  Check remortgage opportunities with any change in your portfolio (rates might be different when circumstances change)

  • Number of properties (the number of properties might impact your product eligibility)
  • Rental income change (might impact the stress test results by lenders)
  • Loan to Value change (either property value increased or mortgage balance declined). A lower LTV on the portfolio or property level may deliver better rate options
  Check refinance opportunities every month in case better rates are available
  Be aware of your Early Redemption Penalty to make sure it’s worth remortgaging even if you see a better rate available

Track your monthly expenses on all properties and review your monthly Yield and ROI (Return On Investment) over time

Be aware of how much your expected capital gains tax should be on each property you privately owned


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