How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows Checklist

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Energy Efficient windows and doors are rated 'A++' (the most efficient) to 'G'. 'C' is the minimum default level required to satisfy Building Regulations for windows and 'E' for doors (unless your property is listed/in a conservation area). 
If you have bought a home since 2007, it will have been sold with an Energy Performance Certificate. Check what energy efficiency your current windows were given so you know what rating you need to improve energy efficiency.
Fitting energy efficient windows can save you £40 to £160 per according to the Energy Savings Trust. 
  Make sure the windows you choose are fitting are energy efficient and in keeping with the period and style of your home to help retain/improve its value. 
  Secure three quotes from BFRC rated companies and read our ‘how to choose a window/door installer’ checklist.
  Ask how the windows achieve energy efficiency.  How do they stop heat leaking from the house or drive sunlight in? How air tight is the windows?
  If you are buying windows which are double glazed, ask for ‘Low-E’ glass which is the most energy efficient. 
Check any window manufacturer or fitter is accredited through the independent authority that rates energy efficient windows and doors: British Fenestration Rating Council.
Ask if you will receive a BFRC Homeowner Energy Rating Certificate as this is a useful additional document for buyers should you sell your home in the future.
Before ordering your windows and doors, confirm the rating is the minimum ‘C’ level by asking for a copy of the BFRC label.
*BFRC - British Fenestration Rating Council


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