How to Choose a Painter and Decorator Checklist


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Work out a full list of all the jobs you need to do.

Visit a site such as checkatrade to find a qualified, trustworthy person and invite them around to see the work required.


Ask for references and follow up with a visit to the person’s home to see the standard achieved.




Work out what budget you have to spend on the project.


Secure up to three quotes from people on your shortlist and check if it includes VAT so you can compare like with like.

Agree who will buy the materials (paint/wallpaper). If you are providing it, make sure they are happy to work with the materials and styles, for example, some cheap paint is so thin, you don’t actually save money.

Agree how to pay – it’s normally at the end of the week for work carried out.

NEVER pay upfront for work.

Remember others might offer to do the job cheaper, but not achieve quality results.



Know when you would like the work done, good tradesmen may be busy for up to three months in advance, avoid rogues who are free to start ‘next week’.

Confirm how long the job will take.


The work


Highlight which walls are to be painted and which decorated with wallpaper etc.

Check whether you will need to move or cover any furniture or if they will do this for you.

If you have any doubts about the work being done, mention this before or during the work – not on payment day!

If there are any disputes, write to the company, explaining how you would like them to remedy the situation. If they are members of the Painting and Decorating Association and you can’t resolve them directly, you can contact them free of charge.

Make a note of when you will need the work re-doing and budget accordingly.


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