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How do you sell a house?


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Take some time to check that moving is the right thing for you. Could you improve or extend? Can you find what you really want at a price you can afford to pay?
Start looking within a three mile radius and find out how many other properties similar to yours are for sale. If you are in a built up area (city) start with ¼ mile.
What is the minimum and maximum property price similar properties are on the market for?
  Check if there are any properties that have ‘just sold’ and note down which agents sold them.
  Walk around your home to check if anything needs doing, such as paintwork, electrics or plumbing problems.
  Budget for the move. Agents charge anything from 1-2% to sell a home.
  Contact a minimum of three estate agents.
Agree a maximum price your home will be advertised for and a minimum price you will accept.
Check the terms and conditions the estate agent asks you to sign. Don’t sign for more than 12 weeks. Ideally sign for six weeks only.
Make sure that your property is as tidy as it can be for viewings.
Agree with the agent how and when you will be kept updated.
Choose a Legal Company that is no sale, no fee and offers fixed fee conveyancing.
Contact us if you aren’t getting any viewings or offers.
Consider any offers and contact us if you are not sure whether to accept or not.
Accept an offer.
Confirm the offer and any conditions of sale to your legal company.
Fill in paperwork from the legal company promptly and make sure you take copies and file the information just in case you need any information after the move.
Manage the sale of your property.
Organise your removals/packing subject to exchange.
Exchange contracts.
Organise your change of address.
Complete your sale and move in!
Make sure your legal company has filed the paperwork with the Land Registry.


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