Your Maintenance Budget Checklist


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Work out what type of finish you want? Are you staying in your home for a long time so want standard or premium, or doing up to sell so more budget?
Write down ALL the jobs you want doing, so work can be done now for jobs later on.
Research the cost of the materials you need for the work to make sure you get the best value, check with local traders, DIY stores and on-line
  Check the cost of having someone else doing the work versus your own time, think about how professional a finish you would like/need.
  Research which jobs require a qualified tradesman eg Part P for electrics or Gas Safe Engineer.
  Find out what permission and checks you need eg planning permission, building control, freeholder.
  Source tradespeople from reputable, award winning companies who belong to a trade association.
Have three quotes and check whether they include VAT.
Ask for quotes to separate the cost of labour and materials.
Ask how many days work the labour cost is for.
Find out if any of the VAT can be reclaimed.
Does the company/tradesperson use a contract? Make sure everything is in writing.
Does the company offer any financial arrangements? Check these with a solicitor.
What will the stage payments be?
Will you pay for the materials upfront?
How long after the work with the final payment be required.
What does the tradesperson’s insurance cover and what additional cover do you need?
What guarantees does the work tradespeople do cover?


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