How underpinning can rectify subsidence

publication date: Feb 23, 2020


How underpinning can rectify subsidence checklist

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Understand what subsidence is, what it means for your home and why underpinning is necessary to resolve the issue  

Subsidence will often produce obvious signs, so look out for:

  • Cracks in walls, ceilings and exterior brickwork, particularly after a spell of dry weather
  • Existing cracks expanding
  • Wrinkled or rippled wallpaper not caused by damp or excess moisture
  • Pooling water outside
  • Windows and doors becoming jammed

Identify the signs that point towards subsidence in order to help determine what type of subsidence your home could be suffering from


Find out what the common causes of subsidence are so the experts can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Some causes of subsidence include:

  • Shrinking or swelling of clay or soil under the foundations
  • Gravel and/or sand being washed away
  • A number of different soil structures existing underneath the house
  • Soils that decompose over time
  • Tree roots extracting moisture from the ground
  • Damaged or leaky drains
  • Vibrations as a result of nearby, heavy traffic that’s continuous

Get in touch with your neighbours to see if they have had similar issues, as sometimes, subsidence can be caused by a property located nearby


Check to see whether your house insurance will cover you for structural issues, such as subsidence - although, the likelihood is that you will be covered for underpinning solutions in order to rectify the problem


Research some of the underpinning methods available to you when subsidence occurs, including mass concrete underpinning, piled underpinning and jet grouting

If you’d prefer a more cost-effective, non-disruptive solution that’s guaranteed to be a permanent fix when it comes to subsidence, then look to Geobear for the innovative geopolymer resin injection procedure. The benefits of the geopolymer resin injection method include:

  • It’s non-disruptive - Geobear won’t need to gain internal access to your home
  • It’s saves a considerable amount of time - other methods of underpinning can often take weeks to complete, but with the geopolymer injection, work will be finished in 48 hours at the most
  • It’s mess-free - with work being carried out as meticulously and as precisely as possible, Geobear will be able to rectify the issue without disturbing the surrounding area
  • You won’t need to have offending trees cut down - the geopolymer resin injection method will aid in protecting plant life which will also help the environment
  • This solution is expertly designed to last - it’s a highly-effective, reliable method that will stand the test of time

Understand what the geopolymer resin injection method involves and why it’s considered one of the best subsidence solutions out there. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The resin is firstly injected into a series of small holes made in the ground, all with minimal disruption to the site
  • Once the resin is below ground, it will flow into the areas that need filling, expanding as it goes
  • The resin will harden almost immediately, providing exceptional results in no time at all
  • This will ensure that all gaps underground have been filled and that weakened soil regains its strength, giving you absolute peace of mind that subsidence won’t occur again
  • As a result, the ground will stabilise and subsequently lift, all without having to excavate the surrounding and affected areas
  • You may start to notice cracks disappearing and doors and windows that were once jammed can be opened again with ease
  • This underpinning method will see your subsidence issue resolved within just two days

If you notice subsidence in your home, you should call Geobear as soon as possible. This will ensure that the problem doesn’t worsen or damage the property any further, which could cause further complications.


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