Identifying and solving condensation, damp and mould checklist


Identifying and solving condensation, damp and mould checklist

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  If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the below, indoor air quality is compromised!
Is there a ‘musty’ smell in the property?
Does the property have single glazed windows?
  Are any of the windows ‘streaming’ with water?
  Do any of the windows have mould around the frame?
  Does the property have single skinned walls – bay window area?
  Is there condensation on the walls? 
Are there any damp patches, especially behind furniture or in corners?
Is there mould in any of the rooms?
Is there mould on any leather goods? 
Is there mould or mildew on soft furnishing?
Is the wallpaper peeling off the walls?
For more information about condensation problems visit: Why ventilate? 
Does the kitchen have an extract fan?
Does the bathroom have an extract fan?
Is there heating in the property?
For detailed information about mould problems visit: EnviroVent
To learn how to prevent condensation problems visit: Condensation
Choosing an expert to identify the problem and solutions:
  • You need expert diagnosis using a qualified surveyor
  • The identification of the problem is free of charge
  • Call a company that is a member of HEVAC and/or PCA


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