How to Choose a Credit Card when Moving Home or Renovating a Property


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For anyone who wants to buy a home or rent, you will have to pass various credit checks. Used responsibly, a credit card can help you build your credit rating.
Make sure you alert any existing credit cards you have that you are moving home and make sure you have evidence of this in writing in case of future problems.
If you have any unused or out of date credit cards, let the company know you no longer have the card and destroy them safely before you move.

Different credit cards work in different ways, so depending on what you need, to borrow money or to spread the cost of your purchases, these are the key options to consider choosing from:

  • If you already have a credit card you owe money on, consider switching to one with a 0% balance transfer as they can reduce your monthly payments
  • If you have to spend money during or after your move a 0% interest credit card can be an effective way to borrow more cheaply than a loan.
  • Cashback credit cards can be useful if you pay the balance off on time and are spending thousands of pounds renovating or kitting out your new home.
  • If you’re moving and can put new purchases on the right reward card, the Avios airline points you earn might help your holiday fund go a little further.
  • Even if you don’t have the best credit record, a credit card for those who don’t have a good credit rating could be a way to help you afford the finishing touches for your home.
  If you’re paying for a lot of new things for your home, consider using a credit card to take advantage of the spending protection. Any purchase over £100 is covered by Section 75 consumer protection so if something breaks or doesn’t turn up, you can seek financial compensation.
  Consider using a credit card comparison tool. This will show you the cards that you are eligible for and help you avoid leaving too many footprints on your credit record.
  Work out what limit you need as this can help you choose the right card with the right rates and fees. Using a card to fund up to £3,000 of purchases can be a cost-effective way to help you meet your moving overheads.
If you are looking to spend thousands of pounds, you could get up to £1 back for every £100 you spend with a Cashback credit card. This could really help towards those post-move and renovation costs.
When you look at the different options, check the interest rates and fees that apply carefully.
If there is an end date for a ‘special rate’ set a reminder data for 6-8 weeks before it ends to avoid penalty payments – if moving you may forget to do this!
Always review your credit card offering once or twice a year to make sure you are getting the best deal for your circumstances.


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