If you want to move your own belongings from A to B you can do by using our checklist

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Think through if you have the person power to shift all your stuff from A to B? Lots of clothes, small items are easy to move, big, heavy furniture can be more of a strain.
Do you or do you know someone who is over 22 and has a license which allows them to drive a van?
The minimum age to hire a van is 22 but this will incur a young driver charge. 25 is the minimum age with no surcharge.
  Check with your insurance company what you are insured for and see if you need additional insurance or if this can be covered by hiring a van.
  Write down a list of your items, working out how many boxes, of what size you will need and how big the largest piece of furniture/item to move will be.
  Discuss this with an expert van hire company to make sure you hire the right sized van.
  Typically you need to have moved out by 1pm during the day if selling, possibly earlier if renting, so you may need to start packing the van the day before and even do several trips. Leave yourself plenty of time though, it’s better to hire it and take it back early than be late.
Compare the difference between hiring by the hour and hiring for a full day, it may be as cheap to hire for the whole day and even overnight.
Check the opening and closing times of your van hire company, especially Saturday and Sunday hours, otherwise they may be closed when you plan to return the van, incurring extra cost.
Find out what all the costs are, some companies have ‘no hidden fees’ and even include 24 hour roadside assistance, just in case! 
To hire a van, they will need to confirm your identity so have your car insurance, driving license and a recent gas, electric or council bill which all match. A mobile phone bill doesn’t count.
It can take up to an hour or more to hire a van, especially checking whether there are any marks/dents already. Leave plenty of time to hire the van. 
Don’t forget you will also need time during the day for breaks as moving your belongings is hard work.
Double check with the van hire company whether you have to put fuel in – and if you do, which type of fuel – or whether you have to bring the van back with a full tank of petrol.
Make sure when you return the vehicle that you have checked off any damage so there are no problems after the move.


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