How to develop and deliver on your buy to let strategy

How to develop and deliver on your buy to let strategy


One of the biggest questions I am asked is ‘I am starting out in Buy to Let, what and where should I invest in?’ Up until now this is a tough question for me to answer as I don’t charge for things like ‘mentoring’ and it takes half to a full day to answer.

I have to understand your finances, your reasons for investing in property, time frames, risk etc., so instead I spend my time analysing markets and passing on expertise so people can learn for themselves what to do.

However, buy to let is complex and a long term investment, so I was delighted when Paul Mahoney, Managing Director of the Nova Financial Group asked if we could work together. That’s because Paul and his team do exactly what I can’t do – they help newbies and experienced buy to let investors develop a strategy based on their objectives.

As an introduction to Paul and his expertise, he has produced five videos, addressing key issues in developing, reviewing and adapting buy to let strategies for landlords. Along with each video, we’ve worked with Paul to produce free, downloadable eBooks so you can go through the recommendations at your leisure in more detail.

Nova Financial Group

Watch video 1: Working out your strategy to retire through buy to let Download eBook 1
Can investing in property pay for your retirement - eBook 1
Watch video 2: Newbie strategies in the current market conditions Download eBook 2
Devising a strategy that works for you - eBook 2
Watch video 3: The mindset of a property investor Download eBook 3
The financial mindset of the successful investor - eBook 3
Watch video 4: 10 point property due diligence plan Download eBook 4
Watch video 5: Tax, finance and property investment Download eBook 5
Tackling the three pillars: tax, finance and property investment - Book 5

For more information and to contact Paul Mahoney, Nova Financial Group:

Website: Nova Financial Group
Email: Contact Nova Financial Group
Tel: 0203 8000 600

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