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checklistsponsorship will educate consumers through promoting award winning Property Companies and Organisations

What can the site do for you?

By offering free checklists to consumers which are sponsored by award winning companies and property organisations such as yourselves, together, we can help consumers choose the BEST property companies to work with BEFORE they start their project.

Competitive Edge

Sponsoring a checklist highlights you as the expert in your field and encourages potential consumers to make your business or trade members the first to be called. It provides you great competitive edge.

Maximise your Social Media

Working with means the social media you create now has a superb place to promote it to a targeted audience which will help you to test and trial what works best.

In addition to the checklists, you can increase link backs to your own site by adding up to four educational messages or offers during your sponsorship. These can be videos, articles, downloads, offers or competitions.

Track if we deliver

We understand budgets are always tight and we want to make sure we can prove we deliver on your objectives. We actively encourage and can set up tracking links back to your site so you can evaluate our performance.

How do we make our money?
Our core money is made from communication consultancy so we are only asking for a contribution of £299+ VAT for one checklist or £499+ VAT for three checklists.
How does the site work?

How does the site work?
Consumers sign up via their email for free and then have access to all the property checklists within the site. If there is a checklist they can't find, they email their request and we will work with an expert in that field to create a checklist for the consumer.

If you want to chat or meet up, then contact or call on 07585 897128

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