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Checklist: How to Check Your Home Electrics are Safe

Why we work with NAPIT


As a Government approved registration body of the electrical industry, NAPIT constantly strives towards improving industry standards and works to ensure that consumers have access to registered, competent electricians.


NAPIT and Property Checklists work together to help householders in their search for registered, competent tradespeople and to raise awareness of the potential dangers of using rogue traders.


What do NAPIT do?



NAPIT is one of the leading Government authorised and United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited membership scheme operators in the building services and fabric sector. There are currently more than 10,000 NAPIT registered installers in the electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning, microgeneration and building fabric trades across the UK domestic, commercial and industrial markets.


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From the beginning

NAPIT was formed in 1992 as the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers, with the aim of setting standards for industry. Since then NAPIT's role has evolved and expanded to be one of the fastest growing Government Approved register holders for Part P Registered Domestic Electrical Installers.

Read the How to Check your Home Electrics are Safe Checklist


NAPIT's Tips

Top tips from NAPIT:-

  • Make sure to check your Residual Current Device (RCD) every few months
  • Ensure you have the right certificates for any electrical work undertaken
  • Have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out on your home every ten years
  • Use a registered, competent installer, to find one in your area go to


Read the How to Check your Home Electrics are Safe Checklist

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