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Buy to Let Show - YOUR recipe for investment success

The Buy to Let Show is the only programme which gives you all the information you need, whether you are
thinking about buy to let for the first time, or are an existing investor and landlord. Presented by Kate Faulkner
and supported by Direct Line, it features advice from top property industry experts, including landlords, letting
agents, solicitors and health and safety officers.

Accompanying the shows are six useful eBooks, which guide you through every aspect of purchasing and letting
a property as well as, crucially, planning an exit strategy for the future. You can view the shows and download
the eBooks below.

Episode 1 - Is Buy to Let a wise investment?
Watch Episode 1 Episode 1 - Contents Download eBook 1

•  Kate's intro
•  Legend landlord Tom
•  Panel discussion

•  Should you invest in buy to let?
•  The pros and cons of letting a property
•  What are your financial expectations
    from buy to let?

•  Investing for retirement
•  What will your financial adviser discuss
    with you when you visit?

•  Example of costs and returns
•  Buy to let tax
•  What is the right way to set up your
    property investment business?

•  Investing via a Limited Company
•  Buy to let summary

DOWNLOAD eBook 1 - Is buy to let a wise investment
Episode 2 - Financing and insuring a Buy to Let
Watch Episode 2 Episode 2 - Contents Download eBook 2

•  Kate's intro with Which?
•  Christina explains insurance
•  Panel discussion

•  Check your credit rating
•  Typical lending criteria for buy to let

•  Choosing a mortgage broker
•  Financing a buy to let property

•  Information you will need to for your
    mortgage broker

•  How to secure the right mortgage
•  How to organise HMO finance
•  Organising refurbishment finance
•  Comparing properties
•  Landlord insurance
•  Insuring a buy-to-let
DOWNLOAD eBook 2 - Financing and insuring a Buy to Let
Episode 3 - How to choose a Buy to Let
Watch Episode 3 Episode 3 - Contents Download eBook 3

•  Kate and experts' intro
•  Individual versus company ownership
•  Panel discussion
•  Identifying areas and properties for

•  Matching your financial objectives to a
    property investment

•  How to calculate potential earnings
•  Working out what to buy
•  Researching your local area
•  Analysing a buy to let
•  Buying a flat
•  Choosing a leasehold legal expert
•  Houses in multiple occupation
•  Electrical safety for landlords
•  Choosing a law firm
•  Choosing a surveyor and types of survey
•  10 tips for managing a successful let
•  Choosing a letting agent
DOWNLOAD eBook 3 - How to choose a Buy to Let
Episode 4 - Letting a rental property legally and safely   
Watch Episode 4 Episode 4 - Contents Download eBook 4

•  Kate's intro on HHSRS
•  Steve explains deposits
•  Panel discussion
•  Keeping up with lettings legals
•  Why join a landlord association?
•  Licensing and regional variations
•  Housing Health and Safety Rating System
•  Damp, condensation and mould
•  Ensure your property is gas safe
•  Electrical safety for landlords
•  Ensure your rental is safe for tenants
•  Legionnaire’s disease
•  Rights and responsibilities
•  Landlord and letting agent access rights
•  Protecting the tenant’s deposit
•  Dealing with deposit deductions
•  Should you do your own inventory?
Episode 5 - Dealing with buy to let problems
Watch Episode 5 Episode 5 - Contents Download eBook 5

•  Kate and Paul's intro
•  Lovely landlord Rachel
•  Panel discussion

•  What problems can landlords face?
•  Choosing a letting agent
•  Tenants moving people in/swapping
•  Damage to a property
•  Late or non-payment of rent
• Chasing rent arrears, and is it worth it?
•  The importance of the inventory
•  Should you do your own inventory?
•  Rights and responsibilities
•  Ending a tenancy
•  Evicting a tenant
•  When can you withhold the deposit?
•  Dealing with deposit deductions
•  Common complaints solved
DOWNLOAD eBook 5 - Dealing with buy to let problems
Episode 6 - How to plan an exit from buy to let
Watch Episode 6 Episode 6 - Contents Download eBook 6

•  Kate's intro
•  Michael explains tax
•  Panel discussion
•  Making money from a buy to let
•  Buying a property below market value
•  Buying at auction
•  Planning an exit strategy
•  Tax implications of property investment
•  Three mistake landlords make when trying
    to exit property
•  Keeping records
•  Buy to let tax
•  Investing via a limited company
•  Passing on property to your family
•  10 steps to planning an exit
•  An expert team
DOWNLOAD eBook 6 - How to plan an exit from buy to let



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