How to secure your windows and doors: why it’s essential

publication date: Oct 3, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books
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Secure your windows and doors this Autumn...

It’s an unfortunate fact that it takes a burglary or personal attack at home before many people think about home security.

Domestic burglaries increase by around 20% in the autumn and winter, and continue at a higher-than-average rate right through the winter, most particularly just before and after Christmas.

So now is a good time to consider how to make your doors and windows more secure; even small, cost effective, changes can be enough of a visual deterrent that a casual burglar will think twice about attempting a break-in.

And if you are thinking of installing new windows or doors in your home, security should be uppermost in your mind when choosing their design features. New doors and windows fitted with high security cylinder and handle combinations are likely to put off intruders before they lay a finger on them.

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What to choose for your windows
Whether you decide to install basic cylinders and window locks, or choose the most advanced digital door security systems, bear in mind that quality materials will always last longer.

They should not only comply with British standards and building regulations, but also need to be the appropriate fitting for the type of window or door, and tough enough for regular use and, possibly, weathering over long periods. 

There are plenty of choices available to you to improve your window security:

  • shoot bolt Locks: high security steel shoot bolts lock deep into the window frame at two separate points

  • key locking handles: key locking security handles are standard fittings in most new homes

  • internal glazing: by internally fitting the beading, the glass can’t be removed from the outside, making your window more secure

  • excluder device: this is a high-security anti-jemmy device that resists forcing

  • strong window construction: Robust windows, whether wood or PVC U ,with welded joints give added strength and security

  • toughened glass: otherwise known as safety glass, if broken it will disintegrate into small granular pieces

What to choose for your doors
Security features differ according to the type of door that you already have, or are having fitted. Here are a few examples of security devices that ensure you’ll be safe in your own home:

  • steel shoot bolts: once the key is turned in the lock, the door is secure as these shoot bolts fire deep into the door's frame.

  • steel keeper plates: these fit snugly around the shoot bolts, and provide extra strength and rigidity

  • advanced door handles and lock: Yale’s Eurocylinder lock, for example, resists bumps, picks, and drills and is approved to BSEN1303:2005 and the handle resists levering or tampering

  • multipoint locking and hook bolts: these have three steel hook bolts, which prevents the door from being levered out of the frame

  • forged brass mortise centre bolt: to give you a further layer of security, an extra turn of your door key operates a forged brass mortise centre bolt, and provides additional support to the centre of the door

  • corrosion resistant back plate: external doors should be fitted with handles which include a corrosion-resistant stainless steel back plate that resists levering or tampering

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Innovation keeps you one step ahea
Manufacturers such as Yale are pouring considerable investment into research and development. This means there is a constant flow of new and innovative products onto the market, such as the new Yale Blade revolutionary window technology, which, they claim, overcomes some of the common problems with window locks and is longer-lasting, tougher and reduces maintenance/breakage call-out costs for customers.

Keyless digital door locks, once more common in the realms of hotels, are also becoming a more popular choice amongst homeowners. For more information, go to:-

Anglian Home and Yale

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