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How to Renovate Checklist

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Make a list of all the changes that you want to make to your home, now and in
the future
Understand different types of property  
How long will you need to research the project details and create a plan?  
How far ahead do you need to book trades people?  
How long will the project itself take?  
Work out what type of finish you want - budget, standard or premium?  
Create a Budget for your renovation project  
Organise Finance your renovation project  
What renovation works can you do yourself?  
What works do you legally require others to do, eg electrics, gas, glazing?  
Work out what works require planning or building regulations  
Brief contractors and compare fees   
Decide whether to manage the project yourself or employ someone
else to do this for you
Create, understand and sign contracts   
File copies of all your paperwork  
Check your budget versus actual spend, ensuring you still have enough finance  
Undertake a final project review  
Finalise all the paperwork  
Check if you need to change or update your contents and buildings insurance  
Make sure you check all the work after a few months and pay the final bill


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