Trading Down


 Trading Down Checklist


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Take your time!      
Carefully think through where you want to move to and what property type would
be suitable  
If you are part of our ageing population - think about access to healthcare, shops, friends and family     
Don't rush into buying in a new area, consider renting first      
Research Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's)      
Choose a Legal Company  
Research the market      
Find out what your property is worth - be realistic!      
Find out how much the property you want is likely to cost      
How easy will it be to buy and sell or should you consider renting?      
Budget for the move      
If you own the property outright, how much equity will you release?      
Visit an IFA/tax advisor if you want to invest the money/give or leave to friends
and family    
What will it cost to buy and sell?      
What can you borrow?      
Identify which agents sell your property type/bracket      
Invite three agents to value your home  
Identify and brief the agents about the property you want to buy      
Contact us to find an agent      
Carry out viewings      
Make sure you are getting viewings on your own property BEFORE you get too excited about viewing other peoples!    
Choose a legal company before you make/receive an offer, ideally fixed fee      
Accept an offer BEFORE you make an offer!      
Contact us for help if your sale/purchase falls through    
Organise an Independent Survey
Don't forget, even though you might not need a mortgage, you will need Buildings and Contents Insurance
Finalise your mortgage offer and insurance (if required)
Manage the purchase of your property    
File your paperwork carefully - you'll need the purchase paperwork when you come to sell    
Work out what you want to take to the new property and what you need to put in storage or sell    
Organise your removals/packaging subject to exchange    
Exchange contracts    
Organise your change of address
Complete the sale and move in!    
Keep your paperwork somewhere safe and check the SDLT forms have been filed    

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