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We hold ourselves to a very high standard of quality and customer service across all of our trades. This means that you can expect the same great level of work from our roofers that you got from our electricians. Whether you need some shelves put up by our handymen or a complete garden redesign our team are here and happy to help.

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Read your insurance policy and find out what maintenance you need to carry out so your insurance remains valid


Check the outside of the house when it’s raining for leaks in guttering at joints or
due to a blockage


Look at the chimneys for cracks and to see if the flashing seal is still intact where the chimney stack meets the roof


Check the loft to see if any tiles are missing, particularly after windy weather 


Look at the walls around your house from the outside, is there anything that allows a build-up of water which could cause damp? 


Is any vegetation growing up or near your walls which could cause damp?


Are any tree roots near your home affecting the property’s foundations 


Inside, after rain, feel walls top and bottom to see if they are damp, get a free damp and timber check if required

Look at any cracks, check if they fit a 10p piece (sideways) if they do secure help from a RICS or RPSA surveyor  
Make sure windows and doors are wind and water tight   

Have your boiler checked annually by a Gas Safe Registered plumber to make sure it doesn’t break down during the winter period 


If you haven’t already, get your electrics checked and signed off with an electrical safety certificate by a qualified, ‘Part P’ electrician, for example


Check shower heads to see if they need cleaning or descaling


Make sure bath or shower seals are still intact and not going mouldy 


Check tile grout to see if it is cracking or still intact


Check carpets to see if they are secure, particularly on the stairs to avoid
slips and falls 


Carry out the checks above once every six months and if you are planning on work to be done, make sure help you secure comes from companies such as  who:-  

  • Give free and fixed estimates
  • Have all the relevant qualifications
  • Are members of trade and specialist organisations
  • Have ideally won local or national awards for service
  • Commit to a deadline from visit to providing an estimate

    And make sure they don’t charge for parking, petrol, any congestion charges or time travelling! 

And if you are thinking of carrying out any maintenance on your own home, take a look first at these helpful videos from 


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