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Renting a Property Checklist 

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Research different ways to rent a property that you can afford/you like  
Check out how much it costs to rent eg. the deposit for a property and costs incurred while you live there  
Ensure you have information readily available for tenant referencing  
For properties you are interested in, ask the landlord or letting agent for a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If they don’t supply one, walk away.  
Ask to see the gas and ideally electrical safety certificates  
Find out which deposit scheme your deposit monies will be protected in  
Work out how much to offer on the property you want to rent   
Gain written confirmation of your offer being accepted (subject to referencing)  
Check your tenancy agreement with a solicitor and sign when you are clear on your rights and responsibilities  
Organise your contents insurance  
Organise your change of address  
Check your inventory is correct on moving in day  
Make sure the heating and hot water work (especially if you rent in the summer)  
Keep your tenancy agreement and inventory in a safe place  
Let the landlord/letting agent know immediately in writing, eg. via email and read receipt, if you have any maintenance problems   
Make sure you know what you can/cannot change in the property  

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