New Build Homes Snagging Checklist



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New Build Home Snagging

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When purchasing a new property you will be asked by your developer to undertake a handover inspection of the property. Here is a sample snagging checklist to help you know what to look for:  


  • Have all builders’ materials and rubbish been removed from the home and garden?

  • Is the home and garden clean and tidy?


Inside your Home



  • Is the plasterwork smooth and neatly finished around sockets, switches, pipes, etc.?

  • Are plasterboard joints and nail fixings invisible?

  • Is the decoration throughout the home complete and to a consistently acceptable standard?



  • Are you happy that the timber floors don’t creak excessively?

  • Has sheet flooring been laid level and is it free of bubbling or unevenness beneath the covering that might cause premature failure?

  • Is floor tiling fully adhered (i.e. sounding hollow if tapped) and fully grouted?


Wall tiling:

  • Is wall tiling fully adhered (i.e. sounding hollow if tapped) and fully grouted?

  • Has a flexible sealant been provided at corners and junctions with shower trays, baths, basins and kitchen units?


Kitchens and bathrooms:

  • Are all kitchen units and appliances clean and undamaged?

  • Are all the sanitary fittings clean and undamaged?

  • Is the water flow to taps, showers and appliances satisfactory?

  • Are any leaks evident beneath sinks, sanitary-ware and appliances? Check waste pipes for leaks also.

  • Do all doors and drawers to kitchen units operate correctly?

  • Are extractor fans fitted and operating?


 Windows and doors:

  • Are keys supplied for all window and door locks?

  • Do all locks and handles work and operate freely?

  • Do all windows and doors open and shut properly and engage with the weather seals?

  • Do self-closing devices, where fitted, fully close the doors after opening?

  • Is all glazing crack-free?

  • Are double-glazed units free of condensation between the panes?


 Heating and electrical:

  • Do all light fittings and socket outlets work?

  • Are radiators securely fixed and free of leaks?

  • Is exposed horizontal and vertical pipe-work adequately supported? Are the joints leak-free?



  • Is the loft space fully insulated?

  • Is boarding provided to give access to tanks etc.?


 Outside your home:


Are external decorations complete and to a consistently acceptable standard?


Fences and gates:

  • Are all fences and gates complete?

  • Are timber or steel parts protected?


Paths and drives:
Are all paths and drives complete and laid to an even finish? 



  • Do gutters and downpipes appear securely fixed and complete?

  • Are they leak-free during rainfall?

  • Are gullies and inspection chambers free of debris?


 Roof coverings:

  • Do any tiles or slates appear cracked or loose?

  • Are all lead flashings complete and secure?



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