Could we see some real and sustained rental growth for the rest of the year?

publication date: May 1, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books
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Could we see some real and sustained rental growth for the rest of the year?

Here is our April 2014 summary of all the key rental indices. You can either link through and read them

individually, or if you prefer, download Kate’s full REPORT HERE.

Here are my rental summary headlines 

Kate Faulkner comments on Rental Report Headlines:

“Most of the rental indices back rents are pretty much the same month on month, although Homelet and LSL are 
showing increases year on year, and this is likely to be down to past rises in London. Belvoir, which hasn’t a huge 
presence in London but is strong in the rest of the UK, shows rents have hardly changed throughout the last 15 
months at all. 
However, rents tend to start rising from April onwards through the summer, then drop back towards the end of the 
year, and with wages expected to beat inflation for the first time for some years, it’s likely rents could see some real and sustained growth for the rest of the year.” 
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“Rents rise £50 in the South East versus Q1 13. (Q1 14 – England, Wales & Scotland)” 
Belvoir Lettings
“Average rents for all offices trading over the last five years in March 2014 were £685, on a par with February 2014. (Mar 14 – England, Wales & Scotland)” 
“Rents rise at slowest annual pace since January 2010 – up just 0.9% in twelve months to March. (Mar 14 – England & Wales)” 

“North/South divide widens as rents in the capital increase to almost three times those in the North East. (Mar 14 – England, Wales & Scotland)” 

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