As the heatwave continues, here’s how to save water in the home

publication date: Jul 23, 2018
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As the heatwave continues, shortening your showers could save £44 per year

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The heat is still on and, for most of us, there has been little sign of rain for weeks, so every drop of water matters.

A hosepipe ban comes into force in the North West next month but saving water has become a priority for all of us, so we’ve teamed up with WaterSafe to bring you some useful tips for day-to-day living and if you’re planning any home improvements.

Tips for everyone
  • Showers not baths: an average soak in the tub uses around 80 litres of water – a quick shower uses a third of this, and is more refreshing in hot weather. Switching to showers could save you up to £50 a year if you’re on a water meter. And knocking just two minutes off your shower time could save you up to £44 a year off your water and energy bills.
  • Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth – this will save around six litres of water per minute… a £36 a year saving for a family of four on metered water bills.
  • Check the toilet: leaky toilets are one of the biggest causes of water loss in the home, and can waste up to 400 litres of water a day, adding up to £300 a year to your water bill if you’re on a meter. Read this leaky loo checklist for some top tips.
  • Contact your water supplier for free water-saving gadgets such as shower timers and leaky loo strips.
  • Find and fix any leaks: a leaking tap can lose 5,500 litres of water a year – costing £18 a year if you’re on a meter – so check showers, taps, radiators and pipework.
Tips for home improvers
  • Remodelling the bathroom? You can find water-efficient taps, shower heads, baths and toilets that save money and energy too at the European Water Label website
  • Consider a dual-flush toilet: these use 4-6 litres of water per flush, unlike old-style systems which use 13 litres each time.
  • Try an aerated shower head: these work by adding air into the water – so you use less water but the flow feels the same. This could save you money, too; if you have a family of four, you could save around £75 a year off your gas bill and, if you have a water meter, around £120 off your water bill.

If you need help with leaky plumbing or advice on water-saving plumbing products for the home, talk to your local WaterSafe approved plumber. They’re not only trained to work safely with your drinking water but can help homes become water-efficient. And if you’re on a water meter, saving water saves on the bills too!

Check out water-efficiency experts Waterwise for lots more tips for your home and garden too.

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