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publication date: Jun 4, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

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Safety in the home is essential for peace of mind

Home safety is essential. There are far too many people who die or are seriously injured in the home every year.

It’s not just tenants in bad properties, it’s homes that ‘looked safe’ but the wiring or boiler fitted was dodgy.

So if you are a landlord or a homeowner and especially if you have an older relative or know someone buying for the first time please make sure they download our

Why home safety checks can make the difference between life and death
Did you know how many accidents and safety problems there are in homes every year?

According to our contacts at Bluewatch:-

  • 266 people died in house fires in Great Britain between April 2012 and March 2013 
  • Over 50% of fires in the home start in the kitchen
  • For every 1,000 accidental dwelling fires caused by smokers’ materials, 35 people were killed
  • Electrical fires account for almost a quarter of accidental house fires - over 8,700 a year.

None of us think that anything will happen to us like this, but thousands of accidents happen because we don’t take the care we could have done.

So make sure you carry out the right checks on your kitchen, making sure your property isn’t suffering from Carbon Monoxide or gas leaks. Check your fires and appliances are all safe with things like portable appliance tests and always, always make sure your smoke alarm is in good working order.

How do you know what are the best products to buy?
You won’t believe how simple this is now. You don’t have to trawl through the DIY stores, you don’t have to look out for any reviews anymore.

All you need to do is checkout the Blue Watch products page. Fire chaps know which products you need which mean you abide by the law, but more importantly, you can buy directly from them and help to support the Fire Service too.

Fire Risk Assessment 
It’s essential to make sure your property – be it yours or let to tenants – is safe and fire hazards are reduced as much as possible.

You can do your own checks, but you can also get expert help from the fire service professionals under their ‘Blue Watch’ scheme. They can help make sure you have the right products and services fitted that give you the best safety in your home.

And I’d certainly trust a fireman’s judgement of what to buy and have fitted!

If you are a landlord or letting agent, what better way to show your tenants how you are different to the rogue and cowboys by making sure your property is recognised as safe by the Blue Watch team? 

For more information visit Blue Watch.

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