Top 7 Truths and myths about Energy saving for the winter!

publication date: Oct 19, 2015
author/source: Guest article - aspect

Top 7 Truths and myths about Energy saving for the winter!

1. Old boilers can mean higher spending.

Result: Truth

Specialists from say that an old or even broken boiler could mean an additional spending of over £300 in one year! Boilers that are not working properly or with outdated technology usually spend more energy.

2. Hot water boiler should be on all the time

Results: it depends

This depends on the heating system you have at your place. If you have an Economy Tariff between 7 and 10 (cheaper at night) and an electrical immersion heater, it’s worth it to leave it on.

However, if your heating is LPG, oil or gas it’s only worth it to turn on when you need it.

3. Radiators are one of the most expensive forms of heating.

Result: Myth

Radiators are actually among the cheapest options of heating, while electrical heaters are usually the most expensive. Always remember to repair your heating before the winter starts.

4. Mobile chargers plugged in the wall still spend energy, even when not charging devices.

Result: Truth

Many people think this one is a myth, but it’s actually true. According to electricians certified by NICEC, you can spend up to £30 per year during just by leaving charges plugged in. It’s more than enough money for a nice dinner!

5. Heating on low all day is better than turned on high when you get home

Result: it depends.

According to heating engineers from, the recommended option is to leave a timer to turn on the heater a little bit before you get home, which allows you to both save energy and be comfortable.

However if you heater doesn’t have a timer, you will have to choose between money saving or comfort.

6. It’s better to leave the door open when heating a room.

Result: Myth

If you leave the door open while heating a room, you are basically demanding more of your heater. The way heaters usually work is by creating a convection current in the room they are in, so if you open a door, the room just got bigger for the heater!

7. You should never leave your heating on if you are going away (on vacation).

Result: Myth

This is a tricky one! Obviously if you leave your heating turned on while away, this will lead to higher energy costs, however, according to specialist plumbers, the cost of fixing a frozen pipe is much higher than the energy spending you would have made.

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