Can I use a man and a van when moving house?

publication date: Sep 7, 2015
author/source: Guest article - AnyVan

Can I use a man and a van when moving house?


When it comes to moving house, most people’s minds automatically go toward hiring a removal company to transport their belongings. This is a logical go to option, as removals firms are experts in this field.  

However, an equally viable option, which is often overlooked, is hiring a man and van. Typically associated with single item transportation, deliveries and courier work – man and van companies are a popular alternative for house moves. 

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Why choose a Man with a Van?
For many, it’s based on price. Put simply a man and van service is cheaper than a full service removals company. This is primarily due to the fact that even though you can still expect a high quality service, it’s more basic than that of a removals company.  

For example, you’ll probably have to do all your own packing, for example, whilst with a removals firm this may be done for you.   Think of it this way - with a man and a van you’ll be getting just that – a man and van. However, this shouldn't deter you.  

Depending on your requirements, it may be perfect. For example, if you’re not moving any furniture or large items and are simply transporting your own personal effects and belongings, or if you’re moving from a studio or small 1 – 2 bed home then a man and van is all you may need.  

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You probably won’t need three people to carry your items and you won’t need the space, which an 18 tonne lorry provides from a removals company.  

A lot of man and van companies also offer the option of providing two men at an additional cost. This is a welcome option for those who may be less able to muck in, or have a little bit more stuff to move.  

Another benefit of using a man and van is insurance. If you were to rent a van and transport your items yourself, they may not be covered by your home contents policy whilst on the move. However, most reputable man and van companies will possess public liability and/or goods in transit – covering your possessions should anything unfortunate happen.  

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When it comes to hiring a man with a van, the overall cost benefits extend far beyond your wallet. Opting for a man and van can save you time, prevent stress and offer you a smooth transition during what many find to be quite a turbulent process.

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