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Checklist: Maintaining your property quick guide

Why we work with
I am pretty fed up with the number of programmes and reports there are about ‘cowboy tradesmen’, lots more than there are about how to choose the ‘good guys’ – like

The reason we wanted to work with was so that people had a choice. Either use the cowboys, or use the good guys who:-

1.     Have a variety of services which include guarantees for the work they do

2.     Their quality trades people are members of the best membership organisations, whether they have to by law or not

3.     They give you fixed rate fees for your jobs

In addition, I love the fact that they have created videos to help you know how to maintain a property yourself and they have won plenty of awards to show what a quality company they are.

So no excuses for booking cowboys anymore, call and make sure you have a job done properly!

Tips from for home maintenance

  • Act quickly – when it comes to your home don’t wait around for things to get worse. If you see damp growing or leaks forming then there might be bigger problems you can’t see.
  • Prevention is better than a cure – it’s cheaper in the long term to have annual checks of your boiler than it is to wait until something goes wrong.
  • DIY – learning how to handle basic problems around the home is great. It will save you time, money and give you a new appreciation of how your home works. However, remember that you don’t know everything. Acknowledge when a problem is beyond your level of experience and call someone in. DIY disasters can be the most troublesome and expensive problems!

Read the Maintaining your Property Checklist

From the beginning was born out of the need to find top quality tradesmen across a number of different disciplines. When you’re having some home maintenance or refurbishment done it’s likely you will need a carpenter, a plumber and maybe even a gardener at different times. Taking the time to research the right companies and read reviews is difficult. holds high standards of customer service and tradesmen qualifications across the entire business so you can relax in comfort knowing that our carpenters will be of the same high standard as our drainage engineers.

Why do work with
Here at aspect we think education is a key part of providing a good service. have a simple formula to help home owners do the right thing at the right time. All too often we’re called out to emergencies that would be cheaper and easier to fix if the homeowner spotted the early signs of damp. So we think it’s important to educate. We can also see that the online traffic we get from over to our site is good quality. The users stay on our site longer than average and visit more pages. This gives us some important brand awareness.

Read the Maintaining your Property Checklist

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