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publication date: Sep 8, 2014
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books
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What's the Spareroom Index saying about room rents?

Renting a room for landlords and for tenants is becoming much more popular – especially in more expensive areas like London.

Renting a room is benefical for tenants as it can cost considerably less than renting a property. It’s positive for landlords too as, in more costly areas, getting the rent to cover costs can be a struggle at times. Renting rooms can, in fact, deliver a far greater yield, although keep in mind maintenance costs tend to be much higher as you have more people using utilitiy facilities.


According to SpareRoom’s rental index for August:-

In August the average UK rent was £563, up from £546 last month.

Big risers: August 2014 Annual Change
Belfast £370 per month +23.7%
Hartlepool £372 +16.1%
Oldbury £408 +13.8%
Widnes £347 +21.2%
Big Falls:
Scunthorpe £308 -20.9%
Great Yarmouth £310 -19.8%
Top room rents:
London - West Central £905 +2.4%
London - East Central £900 +4.1%
Twickenham £609 +4.4%
Best value room rents:
Batley £251 -9.4%
Bootle £312 +4.3%
Londonderry £285 -12.8% comment that:-

'The Rental Index shows a particularly strong rental demand in Basingstoke, Dunstable, Inverness and Leicester. Areas with a healthy demand also include Hereford, Middlesbrough and Preston.'




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