A revolutionary removals service – that’s better and cheaper than before!

publication date: Apr 20, 2015
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

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A revolutionary removals service – that’s better and cheaper than before! 

For many years, I’ve only ever recommended that you use a British Association of Removals company to carry out your removals. However, there is a ‘new kid’ on the block which is dramatically changing the way that the removals industry work – and I have to say it’s for the better.

One of the key things that AnyVan has been able to do is to make a real change to the timing that you have book removals for. Typically before you have exchanged or handed in your notice to quite on your tenancy, you should have had three quotes for your removals and then chosen one ‘subject to contract’ of the companies based on the quote they have given you.

Read our Removals Checklist and visit www.anyvan.com/removals

Why is AnyVan the best place to book your removals?
However now AnyVan has made life much easier – and fitted the industry around you, rather than the other way around. For any business to try and manage itself based on an often two week ‘window’ (the time between exchange and completion, ie when you get the keys) is virtually impossible. However the way AnyVan works, it means that this timing doesn’t matter as the removals companies that compete for your work have the removals vans free on the date and for the job you have asked for.

It’s likely that because of the competititve nature of the way the quoting system for your removals works, it is now cost effective to book your removals and have someone else worry about the genuinely back breaking work involved – without paying out thousands of pounds.

And you don’t compromise on quality (this was my main concern). AnyVan has been using their removal companies for over five years and have over 35,000 trusted companies that have been rated on a daily basis.

Read our Removals Checklist and visit www.anyvan.com/removals

Check their insurance
The companies also have insurance, so if something goes wrong and it can occasionally, to compensate you accordingly. Better still, it doesn’t matter if you are moving out of rented accommodation and just have a few boxes through to a five bed house which is full of years of stuff!

They offer services which don’t just include moving your items, but packing them too – I have to say this is a service I always use, it’s so cost effective and if something goes wrong in the move, they can’t blame my packing!

Read our Removals Checklist and visit www.anyvan.com/removals

Top five removal tips
AnyVan’s quote system is completely free of charge to use and here’s their top five tips:-

  1. Get rid of what you don’t want to the tip – otherwise you’ll pay to move things you don’t need

  2. Note down the postcodes of the places that you are moving from and to

  3. If selling/buying, have the ‘Property Fixtures and Fittings Form’ to check what you have agreed to leave and take with you, or if you are a tenant, the inventory

  4. It’s useful to pop stickers on things to say where they going

  5. Check things in the loft, cubby holes, outbuildings and sheds

Do check with your insurance company what you are covered for during the move – or if you need extra insurance via the removals company.

Read our Removals Checklist and visit www.anyvan.com/removals

How does the company know what you are taking?
AnyVan have made up a great list you can use to let the removal and van company know about all the items that you have to move. If there are a few extra things on the day, they are likely to look after you, but it is up to you to make sure you give them a list of exactly what you need to move. If you don’t, they may end up in a situation where the van they bring with them isn’t big enough, so don’t just give ‘the main’ items, you need to let them know every box and piece of furniture you are taking, plus things like lawnmowers, kids toys and plants.

Read our Removals Checklist and visit www.anyvan.com/removals

What to do next to book your removals?
I came across AnyVan when I wanted to have items taken to London for a property show. The quote system is so easy to use, but much to my surprise, the cost of transporting items was less than it would have cost me to put things in my car, drive to London and pay for parking. Plus I could just pop down on the train – and didn’t have to carry anything!

The people used are lovely and extremely personable and helpful. It really is a great service, so don’t delay, if you have something to move, just go onto the AnyVan site (link), fill in the removals form and then watch to see the quotes come in.

One tip – only go for the five stars ones as it’s important to make sure you have the very best companies in charge of your belongings.

Read our Removals Checklist and visit www.anyvan.com/removals

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