How were the London Boroughs performing at the turn of the year?

publication date: Feb 2, 2015
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books

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Latest London Borough Analysis...

The average house price in Greater London for December 2014 was £464,936, however, although this sounds like a lot of money it's a statistic that you shouldn't attach too much importance to when carrying out propertty projects as some areas average well over £1,000,000 which skews the numbers a bit.

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The latest data from the Land Registry Shows:

Highest Rises for December 2014 vs 2013 were:

  • Waltham Forest + 25.1% Year on Year (YoY)

  • Newham + 24.2% YoY

  • Southwark + 23.8% YoY

Generally speaking these London boroughs are performing really well, although if you are looking to make a move here you need to be wary of not throwing away more money than necessary in an overheating market.

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Lowest Rises for December 2014 vs 2013 were:

  • City of Westminster + 14.2% YoY

  • Redbridge + 11.8% YoY

  • Kensington & Chelsea + 11.5% YoY

Although these London boroughs have experienced the lowest rises it doesn't mean they are perfroming badly, just not quite as well as some other boroughs.

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Which boroughs have the lowest average prices?

  • Bexley - £279,061

  • Newham - £291,856

We all here about the enormous prices of some poperties in London but there are still some relatively affordable areas left with Newham and Bexley prices averaging well under £300,000. Obviously this is still a lot of money but not as extremely expenisve as London prices are often made out to be.

Download the full London data set

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