Make sure you have a happy holiday and leave your home safe

publication date: Jun 5, 2013
author/source: Kate Faulkner

Make sure you have a happy holiday and leave your home safe

With all the excitement of preparing for your annual holiday it’s easy to overlook a few steps that will ensure your home is left safe, you don’t return to any nasty surprises and a big insurance claim!

Here’s our top five tips:-

Top tip one: What to turn off

  • The water at the mains so the cold water tank can’t overflow
  • If it’s warm, turn off the gas (if winter, make sure you leave it on low)
  • All electric sockets and take plugs out which aren’t needed eg microwave,computer, kettle

Top tip two: What to cancel

Top tip three: What to lock up

  • External doors and windows
  • Shed and out houses
  • Make sure your alarm is set and neighbours or key holders are aware you are away. 

Top tip four: Set up automated lights

  • Secure timers set for the morning and evening 
  • Consider using timers for the radio to turn on and off 

Top tip five: Ask someone to keep their eye on your property

  • If you have a friendly neighbour its worth asking them to make sure the property remains secure and any pots are watered so your home looks cared for. 

These are just a few tips, but visit Direct Line and Legal and General for more information on how to secure your home when you are on holiday.

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