Do you live in a Japanese Knotweed hotspot?

publication date: Jun 4, 2021
author/source: Kate Faulkner, Property Expert and Author of Which? Property Books


Do you live in a Japanese Knotweed hotspot?


 Do you live in a Japanese Knotweed hotspot?



Japanese Knotweed is one of many invasive plants that could affect the purchase or sale of a property, but also if you don't know to look out for it, could cause homeowners a lot of damage as it is an extremely powerful plant.

Whether you are a property professional, such as an agent or surveyor, or a homeowner, it's worth taking a look at this new heatmap from Environet to see if there is a high likelihood of Japanese Knotweed invading your area.

There are two main reasons to find out whether you have Japanese Knotweed, the first one, is if you do have it, although it is not a legal requirement to get rid of it, the roots can cause significant damage to your property.

The second reason is that it can hold up any sale or purchase, or indeed collapse a moving chain if it's in existence. One of the reasons for this is that you may be refused a mortgage or certain insurance if Japanese Knotweed exists.

If you do think that you have Japanese Knotweed, it is important to understand there are a lot of rogue companies out there who will promise to fix the problem for you at a low price in a matter of weeks. Anyone who says they can do this is telling you porky pies! Japanese Knotweed can take some years to get rid of and it is likely that any extraction is going to require taking out several metres squared of land surrounding the Knotweed, and even dig down by several metres as the roots can go so deep.

For more detailed information about Japanese Knotweed, read our article: Living in fear of Japanese Knotweed? Here are the facts rather than fictional frighteners!

To make sure that you extract Japanese Knotweed correctly, do make sure you use a company that is a member of INNSA (The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association) as they are the best qualified companies to look after you.

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