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Andy Kirkwood


You may want to take a look at our article this following Kate's interview on ITV This morning: -ITV

So, job number one is to contact the legal company who helped with your purchase and ask them what the deadline is for fixing jobs post-completion. You should then ask what happens and what the recourse is if these are not done to a satisfactory standard.

Secondly - you will usually have a warranty provider such as LABC warranty or NHBC: homes-snagging -in-your-new-build

Normally a developer has to fix problems that surface in the first two years but after this it is up to the warranty provider, although there a restrictions in what they will do.

If the developer does not fix things satisfactorily then you can refer them to the warranty provider who should then sort out any issues with them. Alternatively you can go to the if the developer has signed up to the code.

Be aware that if the new home provider is a housing association then different rules apply.

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I have a problem with my developer - they are not responding to my complaints about problems with property. What can I do?

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