Make a Property Company Complaint


Most property companies do a good job, but there are many cowboys out there and if you haven’t checked references, got an agreement in place and the property company isn’t a member of an organisation which offers a free independent then it’ll be tough to get your money back – it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though!

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Find out if the property company you have used is a member of any organisations
For example estate agents: Property Ombudsman, Letting agents: National Approved Lettings Scheme, Builders: Federation of Master Builders, Plumbers: Gas Safe.

Whether the company is a member of a scheme or not, write down the following:-

  • What work you wanted 
  • What costs had been agreed 
  • What work has been done 
  • How much money you have paid 
  • What work hasn’t been done/you are not happy with 
  • What you want done about it 
  • When you want the problem to be resolved by 
Secure any relevant paperwork such as letters emails, texts, dates of telephone calls etc to confirm your information  
If the company is a member of the scheme, contact them first and make sure you know if they will consider your complaint   
Ask how you have to complain. Do you write a letter, if so what do you include, or do you need to fill in a form or just discuss the issue over the phone?   
Ask what they can do to help with your complaint
Just send a warning? Ban their membership or organise financial compensation? 
Write a letter based on the information above and send it via ‘recorded delivery’ or email and use a ‘delivery and read receipt’  
If they don’t reply, call or visit the person/office to query what’s happening with your complaint   
If you still don’t hear from them speak to your local Office of Fair Trading or Citizens Advice Bureau and ask for further advice   
Consider taking legal action:-
Most local solicitors will see you for free first, take all your paperwork with you
Alternatively you can look at taking the company to the Small Claims Court if it’s less then £10,000
Alert friends, family and colleagues to the issues you have had with the company – make sure you stick to the facts though!   


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