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First Time Buyer eBook

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Need any first time buyer help or advice?

You, or someone you know, may be planning or starting to think about buying a first property and our eBook should help, but if you need one to one advice, don’t forget that I, my team and the experts we work with can help. So any questions do contact us via email or call on 01652 641722.

If you can, Kate Faulkner will be at the First Time Buyer Show in Croydon, Fairfield Halls, on Saturday 16th April 2016, so she’d be delighted to meet you in person at her open property clinic.

For FREE tickets, visit the First Time Buyer Show website

What does the eBook include?
● Steps to take when buying your first home
● Is it better to buy or rent?
● Affordable homes and government schemes
● How much to offer on a property
● Detailed checklists on each stage of the buying process
● How to choose services, such as legals, finance, surveys, removals

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